Friday, January 14, 2011

tulips and coconut oil on a cold day

Yesterday was a cold day. It was one of those foggy winter days when I found myself still in my pj’s drinking coffee at noon. Itching to pickup my Hasselblad, but utterly resisting going out into the sub-zero California winter temperatures, I shot off a roll of Kodak Portra 400NC on the dying tulips sitting on the breakfast nook table. To make the scene a little more interesting I wanted to create a blurred vignette using the old vaseline around the lens filter trick. To my dismay my search high and low for vaseline in our home was unsuccessful, and feeling desperate, instead of vasaline (like the good hippy Sebastopolian that I am) I rubbed a little coconut oil around my lens filter - in retrospect probably not the brightest ideas I have ever had. It worked though! I achieved the desired effect and in the end it came right off my lens filter.

As I examined the shapes and colors of the delicate and beautiful flowers through the viewfinder I became lost in their absolute beauty and subtle intricacies. Although it was a simple scene, for those ten minutes or so, the world was quiet, endlessly interesting and so, so beautiful.

This is why I love photography. 


  1. Your pictures are amazing Dawn. Congrats on the blog! The third one down is my favorite.

  2. This is so nice because its like a little mini art show with your thoughts behind it..really so lovely Dawn:) Keep em coming

  3. I love the story behind the photos almost as much as the photos themselves!

    Keep writing!

    Love, Carol