Monday, February 28, 2011

the ocean

There is something solid and comforting, and undeniably unifying about the ocean. The ocean, huge as it is, makes the world feel impossibly small to me. It is up there on the minute list of things in the world that can have the affect of unifying countless moments of my life. I have always found refuge there, at the ocean.  It isn’t just the ocean. It’s the beaches that have continuously made me feel comforted. As a woman who has traveled this great world once and then over again since she was a child, I find beaches to be one of the most calming places I could be. The reason? Simple. I can stand on any beach anywhere in the world and there are always a set number of similarities of that beach to any other that I have stood on in the world at any other given moment. There are always memories: salty memories and sweet ones, sweet, sweet memories. Memories of the years I spent on the beaches of Baja Christmas morning with my family, or the endless days running on the hot sands of the beaches in Hawaii where I spent my summers as a little girl, or the day the tsunami of 2005 hit when I was on a beach in Bali, or the most magical sunrise of my life in a cabana on the most ridiculously beautiful beach in Indonesia, or the Wednesday afternoons when I would leave my college class’ early to run down to Ocean beach in San Francisco to catch the last of the day’s sun rays. May it be the salty smell, the humid taste, the calming feeling, the swooshing or thundering sound, all beaches bring similarities. Whatever it is, it is identifiable, and undeniably familiar to me. As somewhat of a nomad of this great earth, a beach to me, no matter what beach, is and will always be the most comfortable place to be. 

These are a few images I captured, wondering, lost in the beauty and abundance of life here at the Northern Californian ocean front.

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