Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a seed

I have a few of those books, those 365 days through…. books, where each page has an image and is matched with a quote for every day of the year. The photos are beautiful and the quotes sometimes incredibly inspirational as well. I have both Wisdom as well as Awakenings. Looking for a little inspiration to blog today I opened up the big pink and red book next to my bed titled Wisdom and searched for February 1st. Here is the quote I found on the page:

“Do we still not know that the appearance of a seed is in direct contradiction to its true nature? If you submit the seed to a chemical analysis, you would find in it perhaps some carbon, proteins and many other things, but never the hint of the leaf of a tree.”
 – Rebindranath Tagore
I am a master’s student and I am entering the third year of a three-year adventure towards my advanced degree in photography. As I approach the end of this journey I remember my college graduation and how it somehow felt incredibly anti-climactic to graduate. I had no graduation party and didn’t stir up a fuss about the whole thing because it didn’t feel that grand of an accomplishment. In hindsight, of course I regretted my choice to skip this levelheaded reason to celebrate and I promised myself that if I ever went for a master’s degree I would have a party! I had realized after all, it was an accomplishment, one worthy of celebrating and a part of my life that severely and intensely molded who I was to become.

In the recent days I have been remembering the feeling I had prior to my undergraduate graduation. These days as a master’s student I occasionally feel like my accomplishments aren’t that big of a deal, and I have found myself somehow lost on my own journey; not sure which way to progress or how much I have progressed, or where to go next. However, recently I took a photograph which I felt defined me in a way. It is the kind of photograph that I have always wanted to take. It is a photograph for me to be proud of. It is the kind of photograph who the people I admire take. It is a simple photograph, meaningful perhaps only to me. But, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that what matters most after all? Perhaps I should pay more attention to my own accomplishments – how they feel to me, and what they mean to me, and less attention to what they mean to others or how they make others feel. This image hasn’t attracted as much attention from others as it has from me, but I, for one, adore it. Though it may be only the seed that grows a tree, leaves yet to be known, it is an important step in my personal evolution as a photographer and a small accomplishment that should be celebrated, if even only by myself (and now, perhaps, a few of you as well). 

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  1. The Seed of you is known to me as a fully ripe, flowering tree!