Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my morning:

I jump out of bed early to take a few morning photographs with my pinhole before 10am (because that's the latest I can take film in to be developed on Tuesdays.) I skip coffee, because I'm running behind. I drive 30 minutes out into the country. I pull off the road for the shot. I sink immediately into the mud. I'm stuck completely. I have to wait an hour for AAA (they can't find me because I'm totally in the country!) I can't get the shot anyhow because my getting stuck drew too much attention. Jumping a 6ft fence with three no trespassing signs somehow just didn't feel like such a bright idea with my car stuck in the mud and a big yellow tow truck on the way. Not exactly low profile. 

The up side: I got to sit in the spring sunshine listening to the birds for an hour while I waited for the tow. 

Here are a few old digital photos of the house where I got stuck today. I had intended to go back there and shoot with my Hasselblad and pinhole today. 

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