Thursday, July 7, 2011

july road trip 2011


It turns out that planning a road trip is a full time job. For the last week all I have been doing is research, preparation and more research. I've decided to take my thesis out of state and expand my search for abandoned buildings outside of California.

The first leg of the trip will start in Montana and wind me through the great states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

I haven't been able to keep my head out of the books of those who have taken similar adventures before me. 

I've been making endless lists of counties, towns and provinces that promise to provide an abundance of abandonment. 


A Handful of Dust, by David Plowden. 


Ghosts in the Wilderness by Tony and Eva Worobiec has been on the top of my inspirational list since the very beginning of this project. Now, I get to re trace some of their steps a decade later. 

 Looking and looking through old notebooks for breadcrumbs about abandoned places throughout the history of photography.

Abandoned America by Steve Gottlieb, another hugely inspirational resource. 

I love a good atlas. 

 Went to AAA and snagged a dozen or so maps. Wow, holding a map feels I almost forgot how much I despise folding them up when I am done with them!


More and more notes...

...and maps!

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