Monday, March 3, 2014

This is love... a unique portrait shoot at Nick's Cove in Marshall

    So, sometimes as a photographer there are special moments. Moments shared with loved friends, parent, sisters… whoever they may be… the bottom line is, they are distinct people. They are people dear to your heart. People so dear. They are people who you are inevitably honored and blessed to work with. In this case, for this shoot, they were my sister and her beloved husband. Here’s something you should know about this woman: I love her beyond words. She’s just one of those people in my life who I truly couldn’t imagine living without. I mean that.

    I got very lucky this last summer when my sister married a good man, a great man actually. My sister, Niki’s, new husband is the kind of man who you can only dream that your sister (and best friend) will end up with. He is kind, funny, good-hearted and honest. He cherishes and supports the tight bond that my family holds and he has his own strong bonds with his own family too. He knows what is important in life.

    When they got hitched last September they asked their guests for a special and unique wedding gift: kayaks. They wanted a gift that would keep on giving and that would not only provide a healthy and fun activity for them to share, but also a gift that would continue to keep them having fun together exploring and enjoying the gift of nature and love. 

     We did this shoot for their thank you cards, and also, if I am completely honest, for fun too. And fun we had.

    We made a day of it. Drinking fine California Pino Noir and playing on the lovely California Coast made this shoot not only a lovely one, but also a day to truly remember. We had a blast! 

    Working with them yesterday made me remember every reason that I do what I do – I get to offer people who I love so dearly something so special and profound, something that will be documented and cherished for generations to come. 

     The end result is beautiful, fun and inspiring. This is the kind of love that makes life wonderful and sweet. Sometimes the most beautiful things are right in front of us, or even right in our own hearts. I love you Niki and Shane and thank you for allowing me to be part of your love. 

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  1. Beautiful! Tomalas Bay is a perfect setting. These are wonderful honey. I even think there is one that Niki could use as a professional photo - the black and white close up of her.