Friday, April 18, 2014

Murphy's Chicks

     Millard Murphy raises chickens and farm fresh eggs for his community members at La Tierra, an intentional community in Sebastopol, California. For over a decade now Millard has been providing his community members with fresh organic chicken eggs raised right there on their shared land. 

     La Tierra is a small community of about 18 residents. The land is 15 acres and the tenants and owners share in a number of collaborative community efforts to live sustainably off of the land and in harmony with Mother Earth.  The property members all share in gardening responsibilities and the property produces many fruits, vegetables and other shared crops for community meals, canning and drying. 

     Millard's chickens are just one of the ways that the people on this land are living sustainably and providing for themselves while working closely with the natural abundance of the earth.

     It was such a pleasure and an honor to get to photography Millard while he worked with his chickens. Millard, an incredible man and a very spiritual person, treats his time with his chickens as a meditation. He sings a bit, smiles a lot, and knows the story of each chicken and rooster. He cares for them as animals and he gives gratitude for their abundant gift of eggs each day. After he takes the communities compost down for the chickens, and then feeds and waters them, he collects the eggs and diligently washes and drys each one to then be stored away in the community refrigerator for the other community members to enjoy. It is a beautiful and kind service, and he does it every singe morning. Being an incredibly busy man, some days he even does it before the sun has even considered waking up. To some, taking care of over 30 chickens could feel like a chore, but to Millard, it is his pleasure. If only we could all learn to treat our daily tasks as a meditation and take pride in every bit of what we offer to the world and the people who we share it with. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bliss Surf and Yoga Retreat | Sayulita, Mexico

   I spent last week in sunny Sayulita, Mexico doing yoga, singing, sharing and surfing with an amazing group of women from all over the United Sates. Our days looked something like this: we would get up, have tea and then participate in a wonderful and rejuvenating two hour yoga class lead by the amazing Anne-Lauren Graham. After that it was a yummy and nutritious smoothie and brunch with fresh tropical fruit and local flavors. When we were filled up we would head out for the day to surf and lay in the sun on the perfect white sand. Some days we would do acro yoga on the beach or swim all day or hula-hoop. Honestly, it felt like I was a little kid again, just playing with my friends. Life felt simple and happy, easy and healthy – it was an amazing break. After our day’s outing we would come back together in the evening for some more yoga and an intimate sharing circle usually followed by a fun and delicious dinner on the town.

    All and all the week was exactly what I needed. Here are some photos from our lovely week.

    A huge thank you to Anne-Lauren Graham and Sayulita Storm Weisz for putting together such an amazing event. Also, thank you to HotelitoLos Suenos in Sayulita for being a beyond perfect venue and host and to WildMex surf school for providing us with awesome female surf instructors.