Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bliss Surf and Yoga Retreat | Sayulita, Mexico

   I spent last week in sunny Sayulita, Mexico doing yoga, singing, sharing and surfing with an amazing group of women from all over the United Sates. Our days looked something like this: we would get up, have tea and then participate in a wonderful and rejuvenating two hour yoga class lead by the amazing Anne-Lauren Graham. After that it was a yummy and nutritious smoothie and brunch with fresh tropical fruit and local flavors. When we were filled up we would head out for the day to surf and lay in the sun on the perfect white sand. Some days we would do acro yoga on the beach or swim all day or hula-hoop. Honestly, it felt like I was a little kid again, just playing with my friends. Life felt simple and happy, easy and healthy – it was an amazing break. After our day’s outing we would come back together in the evening for some more yoga and an intimate sharing circle usually followed by a fun and delicious dinner on the town.

    All and all the week was exactly what I needed. Here are some photos from our lovely week.

    A huge thank you to Anne-Lauren Graham and Sayulita Storm Weisz for putting together such an amazing event. Also, thank you to HotelitoLos Suenos in Sayulita for being a beyond perfect venue and host and to WildMex surf school for providing us with awesome female surf instructors. 


  1. How beautiful it is to see women gathering together sharing and strengthening their beauty way together.. and within Self.. Gorgeous photos Dawn... this makes me want to do this next year <3