Friday, August 29, 2014

Seattle Fog

Last week I took a little adventure up to the Seattle area with my family to attend my dear cousins wedding. 

Every year in August my whole extended family gets together for a weeklong camping trip. There are usually about 25 of us, though that number seems to grow every year. My very-soon-to-be 91-year-old grandmother (happy almost birthday Grandma Bette) serves as the heart and soul of our family. These camping trips have been installed in my mother's family since she was a child. My grandfather being an avid nature lover and fly fisherman, would be sure to take his family away from their every day life and he and my grandmother instilled in my mother and her siblings a wonderful love for nature and the outdoors. 

We aren't your average family (but what family really is, right?) When describing these camping trips to friends I always tell them. "I don't just love my family, but I like them too!" I mean, I would go on these weeklong trips even if they weren't my family and I didn't technically have to. I Love my family, and I cherish these camping trips, always looking forward to them all year long! 

As parts of my family live as far north as Seattle, Washington, while some of us are in the Bay Area, these camping trips usually take place in Central Oregon, Northern California or Idaho. This year was a little different though and we all traveled up to Whidbey Island, a beautiful forested island that is a short ferry ride from Seattle, Washington to witness and celebrate one of my sweet cousin's marriage (congratulations Nicco and Laurel!) 

The wedding and the entire week was absolutely a blast! We stayed on the beach and in the mornings would watch the Bald Eagles catching fish for their young and gawked over the sea lions and orcas swim through the Puget Sound each day. I have always fantasized about living in the Seattle area, or on one of these secluded islands. The "Seattle fog" makes for the most beautiful of light and I often find myself swooning over images made by photographers in these areas. Besides the beautiful light, the peace and quiet that the ocean and trees bring is something I can soak in for days on end. I suppose that if I weren’t such a sun baby myself, I would have moved up there by now. I suppose I am and always will be a Cali girl though. 

Well, all of that is to say, on one of the mellow days of our trip I did this little photo session on the beach with my sister and her husband and their daughter. All of these images were captured in about 10 minutes. We had a blast and I got to live the life of a Seattle photographer, if even just for a moment. 

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  1. So beautiful and wonderful Dawn! Thank you for loving your family and capturing these kinds of moments so perfectly! xoxo