Monday, September 15, 2014

Dreamy Bohemian Wedding in Bodega Bay, Ca - Compass Rose Gardens

This Bodega Bay wedding was a dreamy example of what happens when Californian bohemian meets perfect elegance. After six years of photographing weddings, this was the first one I have ever shot where I could have really seen myself as the bride. It was so up my alley!

To say that I loved this wedding would be an understatement. Every little touch was done with the perfect amount of creativity, originality and to top it all off sprig of fun.  

Everything about this wedding was unique. From the juxtaposition of the dreamy rose garden to the dry rolling hills of the California coastline to the laid back bar serving every kind of whisky drinks in perfectly delicate vintage cups to the oyster bar that never ran out, serving only the most delectable array of oysters picked from the ocean only 500 feet away. The bride, in a gold sequin dress fit for a Greek goddess, adorned herself and each of her bridesmaids in beautiful gold body art. Butterflies were released during the ceremony. The DJ spun only vinyl. The weather was perfection. The crowd was happy. It really was a dream.  

This couple knew what was important to them and though they were as so many couples are, on a budget, they prioritized their favorite things: oysters, music, booze, beautiful locations and only the closest of friends and family.  It was such a refreshing delight to see a couple create such a unique and original wedding day – I just feel like you rarely see anything like this in weddings these days!


  1. What a beautiful job you did Dawn! These are gorgeous photos! And isn't the Compass Garden so amazing? You'd never guess it was hidden in the bushes where it is! The bridal pictures look like a fashion shoot - they are exquisite. I like the one you led the FB post with - no face but her bodice and wild hair on her chest. Wonderful!

  2. Hey I just loved Compass Rose Gardens!! I feel it the perfect place for getting married. Next year I am going to be married and I have a desire to book such pretty San Diego Wedding venues that has lots of greenery around it. I will hire a planner to arrange a themed wedding.