Friday, October 17, 2014

Beautiful forest wedding in the rain // Evergreen Lodge , Yosemite Valley

Sometimes things happen just perfectly, or almost perfectly... 

A few weeks ago I journeyed down to Yosemite Valley to photograph this magical day for a bride and groom who traveled all the way from Taiwan to get married under the beautiful evergreen trees in Yosemite. Nobody was prepared for rain, but one of my favorite things about photographing weddings is that every one is different and you never know what adventures will come - and so commences the journey of love and marriage! 

 Luckily, we had decided to do a "first look" and we were able to fit in a beautiful out door session with the bridal party and the lovely bride and groom. Sun was still shimmering through the trees and I was able to use the lovely defused light. Little did any of us know wheat was coming... 


The ceremony was held in a large evergreen grove about a ten minute walk from any buildings. The scene was perfectly set and the rain seemed to be holding off... and then, JUST as the beautiful bride began walking down the isle I felt a drop on my forehead. Without hesitation, as though the sky was weeping with joy for this couple the water began dump and rain fell for the next 8 hours without even a moment of hesitation. Everyone got wet. It was one of the most lovely ceremonies I had ever experienced and the energy that came with the water was exhilarating and romantic. 

Regardless of the rain everyone had such a wonderful attitude and the day went on filled with joy and love. The rain brought bright green leaves and a chance to do some fun and creative umbrella shots.