Monday, August 24, 2015

A San Francisco Presidio Engagement Session

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple's engagement session in the Presidio of San Francisco - a location I had never explored before! 

I always love shooting in new areas! From time to time I get an inquiry from a bride who is having a wedding at a venue I haven't - yet - shot atIn the end she decides not to hire me because I don't have experience working at that particular venue. It is always so unfortunate when this happens because the truth is that I am SO incredibly inspired by new locations! It has been the case, once or twice for sure, that I am as creative as I will ever be the first time I photograph in a new spot! In a new location, I am essentially a kid in a candy store... and this is how I felt last weekend shooting in the Presidio with these two. 

As any San Franciscan would we had made alternative arrangements in case of bad weather. In the Presidio of San Francisco it is safe to say that about 300 days of the year are overcast (actually I don't know this fact because I don't live there, but I drive through quite often and this is a great shot at an educated guess). So, anyway... we had made alternative plans and we had decided that given the previous days temperatures reaching the 90 degree mark we would be just fine and were likely to luck out with a perfect day. 

Unfortunately, we had no such luck. The day was colder and windier then these two willing participants make it look! Despite the weather I was so inspired to photograph in this new location with such beautiful architecture and a wonderfully unique history.  All and all, the shoot was fun and adventurous and we ended up with these beautiful images. 

Congratulations Salma & Michael on your engagement and I cannot wait to photograph your beautiful Meadowood wedding in Napa Valley next summer! 

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